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It's a new year and a new century! Yay! It's a new layout and it's not so small and crowded! I like it! But first, I'd like to say that the image to the right was NOT taked from! I took this picture from Utena's Movie pictures! So don't flame me or anything. At the moment I'm totally obessed over the Utena movie and the Utena Car! Click here to see! It's my future car! Yeah right. I wish. Some of you might think it's ugly but SO! That's YOUR opinion. And this is mine: I think it's such a cool car! Okie well I changed the name...don't ask I felt like it. Ooh I hope this layout will look good on most browsers. Well won't you take part in my poll? Okay well I'll just shut up now and have you all take a look around. Also the Anime gallery won't be up for a while because I'm having some problems with the system it's on. So please be patient with me.

Manga Gallery | B&W
Movie Gallery | Link Me
G-book | Anime Lover // Utena

In the manga section, the images used there are from Delight! The black and white images are from Wakaba Paradise. The movie images are from Arigatou to you all for having such nice pictures given to the public!