I like this layout MUCH better and hopefully it'll work better than some of my other ones. Some of my other ones didn't work out on some browsers or looked like crap so I hope this will be beter. Well I hope everyone had a Happy New Year into the year 2000. Well now to get to the news. The Anime gallery will not be up 'till for a few weeks or so because I'm having trouble with the server it's on. So it will be up soon. Don't forget to sign my g-book. I like to go to other people's pages and sign their g-books. =D BTW: If you have a website, would you please link me? I would like for people to see my page. Arigatou. BTW: You've proboly noticed that I changed the name of Pastels to Roses. I wanted something that was more similar to Utena so I changed the name to Roses.

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